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Low speed automatic folding seal box machine

Low speed automatic folding seal box machine

Product Details

Automatic folding CoverSealing MachineWith the assembly line operation only need to form the bottom of the carton on the four sides of the bending panel equivalent, put into the article after the input by both sides of the belt drive in the conveyor track, sealing machine on the side of the carton folding device to start, folding seal box once completed. Carton size changes, automatic machine positioning, the top automatic replacement, automatic timely delivery, without manual supervision, suitable for connecting fully automatic production lines. Household appliances, textiles, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, light industry, chemical industry and so on.

Machine Model: bl-fc500
Small carton Size: L200*W120*H120mm
Large Carton Size: L600*W500*H500mm
Belt speed: 20 m/min (10~15 box/min)
Mechanical Size: L1700*W930*H1510mm
Applicable power supply: 220/380V 50Hz
Applicable gas sources: 6kgf/cm², 40nl/min
Power consumption: 0.4KW
Applicable tape: W48, 60, 75mm choice
Machine Weight: 180KG

Machine Features:
Standard-type function of the Folding seal box machine;
Can be wiring or single-machine operation, automatic folding cover, up and down "one" word sealing box completed once;
Manually adjust the width and height when changing specifications;
The transmission mode adopts both sides belt drive;
Standard machine countertop height of 600mm;


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