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Are you working forThe packaging problem of the product and the headache unceasingly?
  • Abnormal noise or too much load after the labeling machine is turned on
  • The motor keeps spinning.
  • Wrinkles after label stickers
  • Poor labeling Accuracy
  • Often pull off labels
  • Dot Continuous Label
  • Labeling Machine Feed paper is not smooth
  • There is a front and rear error in the labeling position
  • Relaxation of the bottom paper at the stripping plate
Product Equipment--expertise in technology
24 hours to provide all sales of products technical support and after-sales service
Belli Smart Devices4 Great Advantages
Bei Li Intelligent Device 4 Advantages
China packaging machinery Industry well-known brands
Professional Agent Vacuum Pump Brand
  • Widely used in food, daily, medicine, cosmetics and many other fields.
  • Belli Intelligent Equipment is a research, design, development, manufacturing in one of the specialized manufacturers of packaging machinery.
  • The company's development over the years by the provincial and municipal leaders of the recognition and support.
Strong production Strength Quality assurance service first
More than a years experience in vacuum pump, superb maintenance
  • The company has advanced CNC Machining center and precision ultra-high lathe processing workshop. The entire production line is equipped with a multi-channel inspection system to ensure a 100% pass rate for each product of the user.
  • Accumulated 20 of packaging machinery production experience, timely capture of market flow needs, and constantly experiment with the combination of new scientific and technological materials and applications. To high technology and stable quality began to be exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the US.
Strongly supported by honors and patents
Have a complete lean professional services team
  • Own factory, 5000 square production plant and nearly 100 production staff, more than 80% of the production experience of the old staff, rich production experience and advanced production equipment combined to practice our high-speed and superb shipping speed.
  • Belli Intelligent Equipment is a research, design, development, manufacturing in one of the specialized manufacturers of packaging machinery, the company's development over the years by the provincial and municipal leaders of the recognition and support.
Service network throughout the country to provide intimate and perfect service
High-quality pre-sale service, so you rest assured/shuxin
  • Customers to buy new machines, we provide complete operating instructions and video instructions, free home installation and commissioning.
  • Free of charge to customer related maintenance personnel to explain, training, in order to ensure the normal operation of machinery in the future.
  • Users can consult about technical issues through after-sales phone calls and get a clear solution.
  • Users in the normal use of performance failure, the company is committed to the above warranty services.
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Hangzhou Belle Intelligence
Hangzhou Bei Li Intelligent - professional production automation equipment
Hangzhou Beili Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province , which is strategically located and economically developed, close to Shanghai and Jiangsu. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on intelligent packaging equipment, automatic plane labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, small labeling machine, plane labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic sealing machine, unpacking and sealing machine. , sealing machine, automatic palletizer, semi-automatic palletizer, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, sleeve labeling machine research and development, design, manufacturing, Bei Li equipment is the national automation equipment manufacturer's product variety and series One of the diversified and complete companies. Relying on the accumulation of years of technical experience in the industry, it has the industry's priority product design innovation capability and processing production system, which meets the diversified needs of many domestic and foreign enterprises in production and packaging. The company's products and equipment have been in food, medicine, daily chemicals, The electronics, textile and other industries have been widely used, and the products are sold well in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing and other places and are highly praised by various enterprises.
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Set machine as one of the equipment with
Semi-automatic filling machine, as the n
Automatic planar labeling machine is sui
Semi-automatic sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, folding seal box machine, corner sealing machine, side belt type automatic sealing machine, one word sealing machine ...
Automatic Palletizer using plc+ touch screen control, complete intelligent operation Management, cumbersome, easy to control, can greatly reduce labor personnel and reduce labor intensity, its use of high-speed, smooth, space-saving concept design, the use of separate stripping, faster, more frugal space, can be a machine multi-use, adjust the speed, Don't be upset about changing stacked products. ...
Set machine has excellent high-speed stability performance, common well-behaved design, man-machine Concorde of the form of peace, has been a wide range of customers to be sure, its cost-effective in the mainland market similar models have not yet been excellent. Applications: Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, condiments, juices, needles, milk, refined oil and so on. ...

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