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Drop-down packing machine

Drop-down packing machine

Product Details

This machine belongs to the packing machine series condensation at home and abroad a variety of packing machine characteristics, in order to adapt to the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, the new research and development of a successful automatic packing machine, a wide range of applications, small point area, can be used on a single machine, and front-end thermal shrinkage packaging machine and cellophane wrapping charter aircraft, such This machine according to the number of product packing requirements, box or package and other types of cuboid products superimposed and flat propulsion box, filled with boxes of products and automatically flip to the conveyor drum on the automatic transmission of unmanned production line. This machine is widely used in medicine, food, daily and other light industry and other industries.
Automatic packing machine Design advanced, compact structure, easy to use, reliable operation, can effectively ensure product quality. At the same time after packing can be usedSealing MachineTo carry out the sealing box, thus improving the production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity. This machine selects the Japanese OMRON PLC programmable controller, to Japan (CKD) Company all pneumatic components, Japan Omron (OMRON) electronic components, etc., through light monitoring, to achieve the coordination of various movements, so that the whole system operation is stable, reliable and safe.

Applicable product range: l250~500mm w200~400mm h180~450mm

Suitable for package material range: Tan Sha/multi-box

Production Capacity: 10~15pcs/min

Power supply/Power: 220v/380v,50hz/60hz,1kw

Dimensions/Weight: (LxWxH) 1600x1500x1850mm/150kg


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