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What are the main functions and characteristics of semi-automatic filling Machine
- 2018-11-27-

Semi-automatic filling machine, as the name implies semi-automatic filling machine, different from the automatic filling machine,Semi-automatic filling MachineThe main function is filling, less with other functions, not like the automatic filling machine can be attached to the conveyor belt, Rigai, capping machine, inkjet machine, packing machine, sealing machine and other subordinate equipment. Semi-automatic filling machine classification is also many, a variety of filling principles can be divided into volume metering type, quality metering type and volume quality type, according to the number of filling head can be divided into single head, double head and long, different filling machine application performance and work efficiency is very different, but mainly two problems, one is filling speed, one is metering accuracy, This is the two main performance indicators of edible oil filling machine.
1, this type of sauce filling machine using photoelectric automatic control system, the common piston filling method, not only can be continuously filled, but also can be at ease with the filling machine.
2, the type of filling machine using horizontal mixing structure, to ensure that the sauce and oil of the abundant mixing, greatly improve the filling performance and measurement accuracy.
3, this machine is mainly for the food and trade industry sauce sorting design and production, especially suitable for condiments with granules and a large concentration of chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame sauce, jam, butter hot pot substrate, red oil hot pot substrate and other substances of thin sauce filling.

Features of the device:

1, compact model, reasonable design, Operation Bento;
2, pneumatic local use of Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components, stable performance, low fault rate;
3, double head synchronous filling, double drive, separate quantification;
4, filling machine using high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, and material contact with the local use of 304/316l stainless steel material, in line with GMP hygiene requests;
5, can change the filling nozzle, can better adapt to all kinds of size bottle filling;


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