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The application of automatic Palletizer is introduced in detail
- 2018-11-27-

Automatic palletizing machine is suitable for chemical, food, beverage, beer, air conditioning, plastics and other production enterprises on cartons, filling, bags, boxes, bottles and other shapes of products for packing and palletizing.

    Fully automatic palletizing machineThe structure is simple, the composition is less, the spare parts are less, so the maintenance cost is low. Easy maintenance and repair;

Automatic Palletizer can be set in a narrow space to use, can be set up a variety of palletizing arrangement, all the control operation on the control cabinet touch screen, easy to operate. Can be 24 hours of operation: Save a lot of workers ' workload, so can save hundreds of thousands of of the cost of human resources each year, to impress the purpose of attrition and efficiency.

At present, the four-axis handling robot as an example, according to the different load, divided into 100kg-700kg a variety of models. It can achieve a large movement speed of 2500mm/s when moving in a straight line, and the handling capacity reaches 1600 times/hour. From the precision point of view, each palletizing robot should be independent control system, greatly ensure the operation accuracy, and the repeatability can reach ±0.5mm, can fully meet the positioning requirements of logistics palletizing operations. Using advanced 4-axis design, high-speed robots with 3.15m arrival distances and 250kg finite loads are ideal for automated stacking of materials in bags, boxes, crates, bottles and other packaging forms. Suitable for harsh environmental applications, protection class to IP67. The versatility, reach distance and load-bearing capacity of the robot can meet almost any stacking application requirement.

Although the palletizing robot has a high upfront investment, it can achieve marginal cost utility amplification, and each robot is in the customer's cost control in the product from the stability, the current advanced palletizing robot and reached 5 axis and 6 axis, through the corresponding scientific, reasonable rigid mechanical body design, So that the robot body not only adapts to high load, high frequency palletizing operation, in the control network, palletizing robot can not only through "point-to-point" communication, but also through different local standard bus interface (such as: cc-link/profibus/device NET, etc.) or to the Internet, convenient, fast, Reliable signal and data delivery with peripheral equipment and upper computer to achieve on-site network control, but also through software programming, set and flexible optimization of different motion paths, to achieve the site of different production models of the handling of the operation requirements. And through the communication methods described above, remote control of production can be achieved. Greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs, in terms of cost control, the machine continues to add new scientific and technological achievements. For example, through the use of 2D (2-D plane) and 3D (3-D stereo laser) vision system, the robot can automatically identify the location of the crawler, making the palletizing operation more flexible, reducing the cost of the product conveyor belt positioning equipment and manpower. Especially suitable for food, beverages, daily, cigarettes, alcohol, medicine and other industries carton packaging and turnover basket packaging product Automation palletizing system.



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