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What is a semi-automatic palletizer and its scope of use?
- 2018-11-27-

The semi-automatic palletizer is to put the cartons that have been loaded into the container on the pallet according to a certain arrangement code, stop the automatic stacking, stack multiple layers, and then push out, so that the forklift can be transported to the warehouse for storage. The automatic palletizer adopts PLC+ touch screen control to complete intelligent operation management, which is cumbersome and easy to control; it can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity; it adopts the concept of high speed, stable and space saving; Faster and more space-saving; can be used more than one machine, adjust the speed, no need to worry about changing stack products. Scope of application: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, barrel packaging, bag-shaped packaging. The workpiece on the slab conforms to the stack of workpieces required by the pallet, and the slab and the workpiece move forward until the vertical plane of the pallet. The upper bar is lowered, and the other three positioning bar starts to clamp, and the plate is reset. Each workpiece is lowered to the plane of the pallet, and the plane of the pallet is 10 mm away from the bottom surface of the panel, and the pallet is lowered by one workpiece height. Reciprocating the above until the stacking code of the pallet reaches the setting requirements. ★ The touch screen operation is used to complete the human-machine dialogue, which can show the consumption speed, the cause and location of the fault, and the automation level is high. The PLC stacking can be programmed into the program to stop the stacking, stacking and discharging of the carton.
★The semi-automatic palletizer adopts the chain consumed by Japan CMC Company to have the characteristics of good wear resistance, high precision and stable transmission.
★Pneumatic components and cylinders consumed by German FESTO or Taiwan CHELIC, Japan SMC, with reliable quality and performance.
★The security door and the cover are equipped with electrical induction installation. When the cover door is opened, the machine stops working and the maintenance can be stopped.
★ The adjustment of the stacking method is convenient and simple, and can be stopped on the touch screen. The stacking is stable and efficient, which can greatly save manpower.
★The carton supply system adopts the brake motor control to ensure that the carton is delivered according to the preset position. ★ The pallet library has a large capacity and can accommodate 12-15 empty pallets, which can be automatically supplied to the pallet.
★Motor (motor) and reducer are all made by Nord company.
★ Several stacking methods can be completed without changing the stacking parts.


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