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Application of automatic planar labeling machine in tag
- 2018-11-27-

Automatic planar labeling machine is suitable for all kinds of items on the plane label or non-dry film, such as books, folders, boxes, cartons and so on, change the marking mechanism can be applied to uneven appearance labeling, widely used in the plane labeling of large products, the specification range of planar category T-shirt is mostly paper, but also plastic, metal. The tag is not only a commodity "elucidation book", but also a company's business card, the above introduction, non-standard, etc., is the performance of the company's image. Whether the tag can be accurate and elegant is related to its labeling effect, and the labeling effect is related to the design and characteristics of the followers standard equipment.
Take the fully automatic tag labeling machine as an example, in the design, its labeling precision is high, subdivision stepper motor or servo motor drive delivery label, delivery standardAccurate; The design of the calibration mechanism to ensure that the label traction process is not left or right offset; eccentric wheel technology is applied to the traction mechanism, the traction label does not slip, to ensure that the markingAccurate。 This device really does make the labeling effectAccurate, beautiful and generous.
In the functional characteristics, equipped with Panasonic plc+ Panasonic touch screen + German Labor Easy label Electric Eye composed of high-end electronic control system, a variety of parameters adjustment simple and fast, easy to operate, with intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with nothing without labeling, non-standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to avoid leakage stickers and label waste. The equipment from the design and functional characteristics of the two aspects, really do to make the label effect of the tagAccurate, beautiful and generous.
Equipment can not only complete the label of the tag, but also complete the book, Stationery box, box and other items of the plane labeling, can also be connected to the code machine or inkjet machine, complete the labeling after the printing of consumption date, batch number, bar code and other information. Of course, after changing the labeling mechanism can complete the uneven surface of the labeling, widely used in the flat labeling of large products. Above, it isFully automatic flat labeling machineof the introduction.



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