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Talking about the use of automatic labeling machine
- 2018-11-27-

The automatic labeling machine is a device that can affix a roll of paper or metal foil label to a PCB, product or specified package. The back of the label comes with adhesive and is regularly arranged on the glossy backing paper. The Feeder or stripping mechanism on the labeling machine can automatically peel off the work. When the automatic labeling machine works on the assembly line, the PCB or product inflow from the previous link is positioned, and the coordinates are confirmed by visual means. After the automatic labeling machine suction head picks up the material at the feeder, the photo is confirmed on the bottom camera. Label coordinates, according to the internal algorithm of the machine, the label and the coordinates of the position to be attached are aligned, and then attached to the product, which has achieved a high level of overlay accuracy. The automatic labeling machine can complete the surface sticking of PCB, other plane paste, single or multi-faceted packaging, cylindrical paste, partial or full cover cylinder paste, concave and corner parts paste, etc. Now the SMT industry also It has generally been used to replace labor. The automatic labeling machine not only saves more labor and time for our production, but also improves production efficiency. Why not?

Usually in the labeling industry description, the automatic labeling machine is the upgraded version of the semi-automatic labeling machine. It generally refers to a type of equipment in which the labeling is controlled by a servo (plc) system, and the speed is fast and the labeling accuracy is high.
As a promotion version of the automatic labeling machine, it has many advantages, the equipment has completed the multi-function parameters and uses. The detailed details are explained by the professional labeling machine manufacturer - the expert automation Xiaobian. The versatile parameters and uses are as follows;
1. Improvement of the overall performance of the equipment;
Compared with semi-automatic labeling equipment, the labeling accuracy error is stable and maintained within ±1mm range. The labeling process has been changed from manual hand control to fully automatic. At the same time as the speed is increased, the labor cost is reduced, and the equipment supports 7×24 long-time operation.
2. Finish labeling the same product;
First of all, the automatic labeling machine is a large category of equipment, and depending on the labeling product, the labeling position is subdivided into round bottles, planes, cards, film, special equipment. Can complete different uses in detail.
For example, the automatic round bottle labeling machine is used for labeling large round bottles of different specifications. The labeling speed can reach more than 50 per minute. In addition to round bottles, it can also be used for flat bottles. Shaped products such as oval bottles and shaped bottles are labeled.
For the convenience of consumer manufacturers, the automatic labeling machine is equipped with a variety of consumption management functions such as consumption count, consumption number setting, parameter overload maintenance, and fault alarm. And through the addition of components, the method of changing the relevant parameters can also be used for other functions.


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