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Semi-automatic round bottle labeling Machine

Semi-automatic round bottle labeling Machine

Product Details

Basic use:

Applicable to a variety of specifications of cylindrical considerate standard, small taper round bottle labeling, such as medicine bottles, pesticide bottles, cosmetic round bottles, wine bottles and so on. Can achieve a full week, half a week labeling, circumference positive back labeling, positive back mark spacing can be freely adjusted. Widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

An optional circumference positioning detection device is available to achieve circumference positioning labeling.

Optional ribbon coding machine and inkjet machine, labeling at the same time print production batch number and other information, reduce packaging process, improve production efficiency.

Scope of application:

* Applicable Tags: adhesive labels, non-dry film, electronic regulatory Code, barcode and so on.

* Applicable products: Required products affixed to the circumference surface, conical surface label, can be single or double label labeling.

* Application industry: Widely used in food, medicine, daily, electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries.

* Application Examples: Oral liquid round bottle labeling, Xilin bottle labeling, xylitol labeling, shampoo bottle labeling, wine double label, Wine Point sticker positive label and so on.

Feature Features:

* Powerful, a single, double label labeling function can be arbitrarily switched, positive back double-standard distance can be flexibly adjusted, optional circumference positioning function, set the position labeling on the circumference surface.

* Support conical bottle labeling, with taper adjustment knob, simple adjustment can meet the Taper bottle label.

* Labeling quality is good, with product positioning, label correction of the dual positioning, label head and tail docking overlap is high, no wrinkles, no bubbles, improve the quality of assurance.

* Simple adjustment, a variety of functions one-click Switch, different product label labeling switching is simple and fast, improve efficiency.

Operating instructions:

    * Core working principle: a single, double standard switching function principle, circumference positioning labeling principle, welcome to consult manufacturers.

* Operation Process: Release product-> Labeling (automatic realization of equipment)-> Remove the labeled product.

Technical parameters:

The following are standard Model technical parameters, other special requirements and functions, can be customized.

* Labeling accuracy:±0.5mm (excluding product, label error);

* Labeling Speed:20~40 pieces/min (related to product, label size);

* Applicable product size: ¢15Diameter≤¢120mm;

* Applicable label Size:15Width160mm,15mmLength

* Machine Size:750x450x450mm (length × width × height);

* Applicable power supply:220V 50/60HZ;

* Weight of the whole machine:27Kg


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