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Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Product Details

Suitable for circumference/semi-circular labeling of various cylindrical objects, etc., mainly used for small batches, variable specifications, manual labeling QualityPoor labeling occasions.

Suitable product range, can meet the ¢15mm-¢150mm range of product circumference or small cone surface labeling;
Width between 15mm-230mm, can be used normally;Labeling quality is excellent, labeling flat, not wrinkle, label head and tail interface high precision;Small Labeling MachineEquipmentFlexible, especially suitable for small batch labeling needs, reduce equipment costs;Save, all-mechanical design, no need for electrical, one investment, long-term enjoyment;Small, small footprint, simple transportation, equipment can be moved and placed at any time;Solid quality, equipment main materials using stainless steel and aluminum alloy, simple maintenance;Simple operation, low requirements for personnel, applicable to a variety of environments, power outages can still be normal production, at the same time, our company also developedSets of marking machines, you are welcome to consult in detail.

Applicable Tags: non-dry glue labels, non-dry film, electronic regulatory code, bar code and so on.
Applicable products: cylindrical objects of various materials, such as glass bottles, pet bottles and so on.
Application industry: Widely used in food, toys, daily, electronics, medicine and other industries.
Application Examples: Pen sticker label, fine oil bottle labeling, small taper cosmetic bottle labeling, shampoo round bottle labeling and so on.


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